On Ethereum

Swap stablecoins into USDV via EthereumLP
To integrate with EthereumLP, your application must:
  • Complete color KYC
  • Deploy contract, either:
    • Default, which will be deployed by the Operator, OR
    • Custom Minter Contract implementation interface and provide code hash and contract address to the Operator
  • After above, the contract will be:
    • STBT whitelisted
    • Registered to MinterProxy

Default: Minter.sol

Minter can configure:
  • Supported tokens (e.g. USDV).
  • Blacklisted callers.
  • Reward to user bps: The proportion, if any, of the LP contract reward to distribute to users. For example, if the reward bps from LP is 5bps, and you want to share 1 bps with users, the configuration would be 2000.

Interface for Custom Implementation

import {MessagingFee} from "@layerzerolabs/lz-evm-protocol-v2/contracts/interfaces/ILayerZeroEndpointV2.sol";
interface IMinter {
struct SwapParam {
address fromToken;
uint fromTokenAmount;
uint64 minUSDVOut;
function swapToUSDV(
address _sender,
address _toSTBTLp,
SwapParam calldata _param,
address _usdvReceiver
) external returns (uint usdvOut);
function swapToUSDVAndSend(
address _sender,
address _toSTBTLp,
SwapParam calldata _param,
bytes32 _usdvReceiver,
uint32 _dstEid,
bytes calldata _extraOptions,
MessagingFee calldata _msgFee,
address payable _refundAddress
) external payable returns (uint usdvOut);
function getSwapToUSDVAmountOut(
address _toSTBTLp,
address _fromToken,
uint _fromTokenAmount
) external view returns (uint usdvOut);
function getSwapToUSDVAmountOutVerbose(
address _toSTBTLp,
address _fromToken,
uint _fromTokenAmount
) external view returns (uint usdvOut, uint fee, uint reward);
function getSupportedFromTokens(address _lp) external view returns (address[] memory tokens);
function color() external view returns (uint32);
function minterProxy() external view returns (address);
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