Moving USDV Crosschain

You can move USDV between chains on the Transfer page. Currently we only support native transfers (i.e USDV<>USDV).

Begin by selecting source and destination chains. Enter the amount of USDV for transfer. Please ensure you have native gas tokens to facilitate the transfer.

Custom Destination

By default, the destination address will be your current wallet address. To send USDV to a custom destination address, click Destination Address (pen icon on right) and provide the custom destination address.

Airdropping Gas Tokens

You can also leverage the gas airdrop feature by clicking ‘Gas on Destination’ (pen icon on the right) and allocating gas token allowance. This button shows only after a destination chain has been selected.

Click ‘Transfer’ to initiate the transaction and complete by signing the transaction in your wallet.

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