Integrating USDV

As a Verified Minter in the USDV ecosystem, you not only have the opportunity to contribute to the stability and expansion of USDV, but also have the potential to obtain rewards by the tokens in circulation attributed to your minting activity.

Why Become a Verified Minter?

  • Stability and Availability: Your role in minting and circulating USDV directly influences its stability and utility across various blockchains.

  • Rewards for Active Circulation: USDV rewards minters for having USDV of their color circulating in the market.

  • Strategic Advantage: Being a Verified Minter allows you to share in yields proportional to the value you introduce into the ecosystem. Strategically position your application or protocol within the broader blockchain ecosystem to attract a broader audience to use USDV of your color.

Maximizing Circulation and Rewards

USDV is an ERC-20 token and can be integrated with any ERC-20 compatible application. Maximize your rewards as a Verified Minter by integrating your colored tokens to popular DApps to increase circulation:

  • Integrate with DEXs: Deploying USDV within DEX Pairs/Pools not only increases liquidity, but also exposes USDV to a broader trading audience that will use your token color.

  • Collateral and Borrowing Options: Adding USDV as a collateral or borrowing option in lending protocols increases its utility while increasing your color's usage.

  • Expand Wallet Offerings: All wallets that hold USDV in your color increase your color's circulation.

Earning More Yield Through Recoloring

Part of any yields generated from USDV's underlying assets are shared with Verified Minters. Your yield earnings are directly tied to how effectively you circulate and recolor USDV:

  • Recoloring for Higher Yield: The more USDV tokens are recolored under your color (through active circulation and TVL), the greater your share of the yield.

  • TVL and Volume Impact: Applications with higher Total Value Locked (TVL) or transaction volume in USDV can potentially earn more yield. USDV aims to proportionally reward minters for contributing value to the USDV ecosystem.

See the next page to understand how you can start the KYC process to become a Verified Minter.

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