Monitoring & Reminting

Navigate to the ‘Coloring’ page. This page is structured into two main parts: 1) Monitoring and 2) Reminting.

1) Monitoring

Vault Shareholding

In the example, the Verified Minter owns color 16.

Here you can see the Verified Minter’s USDV contract address, as well as their Vault shareholding. Vault Share is calculated as the number of USDV under Verified Minter's color as a percentage of all circulating USDV. As the Vault Share increases, the corresponding Verified Minter is eligible to collect greater yield.

Unclaimed Reward

Tokenized RWA yield is accrued and rebased daily, then immediately converted into USDV rewards to be claimed by Verified Minters.

Verified Minters can claim rewards attributed to their color any time by clicking the ‘Claim Reward’ button. See Claiming Rewards for more information.

Reward Per Day

Reward Per Day is calculated based on the Verified Minter's current minted USDV amount and 7-day average APR of underlying tokenized RWA. This figure is an estimate and may differ from the actual amount distributed.

Colored and Minted USDV

A bar chart comparing quantities of Colored USDV and Minted USDV owned by the Verified Minter.

Note that rewards are calculated based on minted USDV. In the above graphic, Verified Minter 16 has the potential to capture greater yields by realizing the remint opportunity on positive delta.

2) Reminting

Part (2) reveals the balance of colored and minted USDV under Verified Minter’s color across different chains.

In the case when Colored > Minted, also defined as Delta Positive, the Verified Minter may remint to capture greater yield. For more details on how it works, see Delta.

See the above example of Verified Minter 16,

  • There is $600 USDV colored 16 on Goerli, but only $200 minted USDV

  • This presents a Positive Delta of +$400 and the possibility to remint, as confirmed by the activation of the 'Remint' button.

After clicking 'Remint', the Verified Minter can adjust how much to remint by deciding on specific percentage allocations. Here we set 'Remint' percentage to 75% (remint $300). Click ‘Remint’ to initiate the transaction.

If ‘Remint’ is executed on Ethereum, the transaction is directly processed and submitted. If ‘Remint’ is executed on any other chain (non Ethereum), there will be extra time required for cross chain message delivery before ‘Remint’ success.

After this transaction, Verified Minter has $500 minted USDV and will earn more rewards without any additional STBT->USDV minting.

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