Mint is defined as the direct conversion of a whitelisted tokenized RWA into USDV.

Impact on USDV circulation: Increase (+)

The tokenized asset (STBT) is locked up in the Vault, and the Vault issues a corresponding quantity of USDV. The minted USDV is colored based on the USDV coloring policy (See How Coloring Works).

USDV Market Making

Tokenized RWA such as STBT may not be as readily and widely available vs mainstream stables (USDC/USDT/DAI), limiting USDV access.

To solve this problem, USDV has partnered with external market makers to allow conversion of mainstream stables to USDV directly.

Market making contracts have been set up as below:

  1. Ethereum: USDC, USDT, DAI


  3. Avalanche: USDC, USDT

  4. Arbitrum: USDC, USDT

  5. Optimism: USDC, USDT

LP contracts are also available to facilitate stable -> USDV swaps.

Read more in the Liquidity Provision section.

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