On Sidechain

Swap stablecoins into USDV via SidechainLP
To integrate with SidechainLP, App will need to:
  • Complete color KYC.
  • Deploy contract, either:
    • Default, which will be deployed by the Operator, OR
    • Custom Minter Contract implementation and provide address to Operator (to be compatible with the Widget, make sure it matches the interface of BridgeRecolor.sol).
  • After above, the contract will be:
    • Whitelisted on SidechainLP.

Default: BridgeRecolor.sol

The BridgeRecolor contract is an example implementation for Minters to provide a way for their users to swap stablecoins into USDV via SidechainLPs, facilitated by the RecolorHelper.sol. The BridgeRecolor allows Minter to over incentivize their users.
Minter can configure:
  • User reward bps: if the user reward bps is set higher than the reward received from SidechainLP, USDV stored on the contract will be used to subsidize the difference.
  • Tolerance bps: a safeguard to prevent rewarding users more than reward than received from the LP.
Please visit Contract Addresses for SidechainLP.sol addresses on each chain.
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