Redemption is defined as the destruction of USDV to redeem underlying tokenized RWA.

Impact on USDV circulation: Reduce (-)

By destroying USDV, the underlying asset is unlocked from the Vault. USDV of any color can be used for redemption.

Redemption occurs in a single atomic transaction as follows:

  • A user deposits $K USDV of any color (e.g., USDV_BLUE) to redeem.

  • $K STBT is unlocked. A Redemption Fee is deducted from the unlocked STBT, and the remaining balance is sent to the receiver.

  • $K Vault Shares are removed from USDV_BLUE.

Redemption is currently exclusive to the Ethereum network, and only STBT is available for redemption.

Redemption fee is applicable. See Fees for more details.

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